Monday, April 23, 2012

Silly Baptisms

So, yesterday I was going through my facebook account and saw a picture of someone being baptized,a grown man. After a short deliberation about posting a comment I decided to post this: Im sorry but as someone who has studied religion extensively, seems somewhat silly to me, to recognize a man who didn't exist(not the way you think) by jumping in water. If you thik Im wrong for saying this, sorry, but I think the truth deserves a spot in our lives too. This would spark a fire storm of hate comments back. I feel this needs to be discussed. Lets take a look at what a baptism is about. It is about recognizing the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So here is the story: 2000 years ago a man was born of a virgin, walked around performing miracles, and was killed on a cross for all our sins. After this he would raise from the dead to prove he is the son of god and to head up to heaven to await us. Now, we flash forward 2000 years and this man supposedly is pleased with 2 grown men jumping in a giant bath together.(Also, apparently displeased that 2 other men may go into the wrong type of bathhouse together, at least according to a little read book about him, the bible). That is what they are telling me is the case and I say its silly and get jumped on. For the love of humanity, it is a scary place where I (in that post) am the only one who recognizes just how silly that really is. If you don't get how silly that is please just go back and read it again. In what other context would we not find this story amusing and silly? The reactions I got were to call me disrespectful, angry, ignorant and more. Lets take a second and pretend that what they had posted was not so blatantly silly, and place a little scenario without religion and see how this plays out. Lets say I have been on my facebook page and it is full of references to nutrition and medicine. I am a semi-expert on this topic and it is clear I read up about it and care a great deal about it from my posts. Lets then suppose the same person that posted the picture posts a picture of them and some new "medical" product that helps you sleep. I comment like this: Im sorry but as someone who studies medicine somewhat extensively, seems silly to me, that medicine does not work the way you think. I hardly doubt we would get nonsense comments about how angry I am, or ignorant. I would probably get inquisitions about why I think it is useless. Furthermore, if I then went onto quote top level doctors and their opinions I would not get a response of hate even further( I referenced many biblical scholars in the earlier post). I would not expect to hear nonsense like, any fool can read a book that just agrees with your opinion(not saying it definitely wouldn't happen, but its far less likely). I would get far more comments about re-evaluating the use of the medicine, especially if I also cited the harmful effects of it on you and others. It is truly sad that rational reasoning takes a backdoor for iron age mythology. It is truly a sad day to note that I even have to mention that this whole baptism thing is silly, let alone be the one left explaining myself.

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