Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Faith in one specific god is a form of special pleading.

I apologize this will be a very bland blog but it is to prove a point. I have people telling me it is rational to place faith in one specific god. I want to be clear this is based on faith alone. Lets look at the definition of rational to come up with a way we can falsify this.

World English Dictionary
rational (ˈræʃən ə l) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

— adj
1. using (good)* reason or (good)*logic in thinking out a problem

*I inserted the (good) into the definition as to not confuse some readers coming over from a certain website who have problems grasping context.

Ok, so we know that being rational is to use or be in accordance with logic. What is not in accordance with logic? Well that would be a logical fallacy. So, if we can demonstrate that placing faith in one specific god is no using logic or thinking out a problem and instead is the opposite we have proven it is not rational. Lets go:

We have multiple possible gods. Lets see for example: Thor, Jesus, Yahweh(jewish), Allah, Zeus, Mithra, Dionysus, and Trickster. All of which one can place faith in.

Since, this is the only thing you can use here, how does one determine which god is the only one to place faith in. Can it be rational to choose just one? Lets take a look. From we find that special pleading takes this form.

Rule: Xs are generally Ys.
x is an X.
x is an exception to the rule because it is I (where I is an irrelevant characteristic).
Therefore, x is not a Y.

If we can demonstrate that picking one on faith alone takes this form we have a fallacy. So lets see if picking one takes this form:

Premise 1: Gods I generally don't grant faith

Premise 2: My god is an exception of the rule because I picked that one

Conclusion: Therefore my god is not a god I don't grant faith.

Ok, now remember premise 1 is true, because there are quite a few gods and you are granting faith to only one specific god.Premise 2 is merely you picking your god.

This clearing takes the form of special pleading. Since from the same link we find special pleading is a logical fallacy we have this problem:

A decision based on a fallacy is not based on logic and reason
This decision is based on a fallacy.

Conclusion this decision is not based on logic and reason.

Since, Rational is defined as: using reason or logic in thinking out a problem, and this is the opposite. We conclude that it is not rational to place faith in only one god.