Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prayer Billboards

So, If you are driving anywhere from East Stroudsburg to Allentown, you will start to notice signs about prayer and families staying together. They come from the website: Here is a link to what he signs look like, though the color scheme is different:

Now advertisers are typically required to present truth in advertising. We all know everyone would be in an uproar if an atheist put up a true sign,let alone a sign that doesn't tell the truth. So lets take a look does this ring true. Well born again christians would be more likely to pray, so they should divorce less, but not so much. In a study done by a Christian researcher they have a 27% rate of divorce. The liberal Christian has a 24% rate of divorce. Finally those lowly atheists who don't pray together, well a 21% rate of divorce. This seems a blatant lie. While, I can see where it comes from, the fact that families that do activities together do tend to have better relationships. Though, these stats may indicate that better activities exist then prayer. Should truth in advertising apply to religions, and if so, shouldn't this organization have to demonstrate the truthfulness of this claim.

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