Thursday, January 13, 2011

Toy Salesman rapes 96 children, today I have an interview with the one witness to all the crimes!

A man has raped 96 children and there is one witness so I will interview him today. Ok so we have a witness coming forward to all these crimes the one being who saw all this is our Lord and savior who has a multiple personality disorder Yahweh/Jesus. Lets get right to the interview now.

Atheistbebil: Hi Yahweh or Jesus whatever you want me to call you. Thanks for being here.

God: Just call me God, and no problem.

Atheistbebil: Why did you choice to do nothing in this situation.

God: I had to give the guy free will, besides Joe Smoe american was needing help with a struggle because their child didn't agree with them today.

AtheistBebil: So you thought Joe Schmoe americans problem was worth violating free will and not 96 boys being raped? Interesting?

God: Yup.

Atheistbebil: You don't find this wrong?

God: not at all. What did you want me to do?

Atheistbebil: Well you are all powerful are you not?

God: Yes, but I couldn't do the obviously right thing that would make the whole concept of faith invalid.

Atheistbebil: So faith is more important to you then actually carrying out your supposed love for the people you claim to love?

God: Come on, thats harsh, if i made it to obvious, you atheists would believe in me, then who could I burn.

Atheistbebil: Guess that gets right to the heart of it.

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